Announcement for open applications for the 2023-2024 school year School Endowment – ​​”School Voucher” component, a contribution designed to support the expenses of families of students attending a private or state school that provides enrollment and attendance fees for educational courses. An important measure, for which a total of 24 million euros has been allocated and which once again, following past success, confirms the continued support to families who need assistance to lighten the economic burden of their children’s education. is required. But who can apply to get this voucher?

School Voucher, who can apply

You need this to access the “School Voucher” contribution Be in possession of ISEE valueValid at the time of application submission, not more than 40 thousand euros,

To benefit from the measure, when completing the application, students must not have turned 21 yet,

Who are school vouchers intended for?

But who is its target? they can benefit from “School Voucher” contribution for all students Residents of Lombardy are enrolled in general education courses in primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools.

Students should go to schools, Private or state, which require an enrollment fee and which are located in Lombardy or in neighboring regions, provided that the student returns to his residence daily.

How to submit application

Applications for participation must be submitted online exclusively on the regional platform prisoner online Via SPID or CIE – CNS – CNR. To submit an application, we have read on the dedicated website, no official documents are required, but only self-certification by the person applying to receive the voucher which can range from 150 to 500 euros.

You have time, among other things, from November 14, the opening date of the call, to December 19, 2023, to submit an application. This month the applications will be collected and stored by the Lombardy region.

Electronic receipt of the application and its identification number is communicated to the applicant E-mail, at the address mentioned in the registry section of Bandi Online. At the end of the period, a ranking will be drawn up to determine who will or will not be entitled to a voucher.

For any requests or doubts you can contact the Helpdesk service by email or toll-free number 800.131.151 from 8.00 to 20.00 from Monday to Saturday (except holidays).

Sector assistance to families

The president of the Lombardy region also talked about school vouchers attilio fontanawho presented the contribution as a fund that “represents important and concrete support for the families of Lombardy students”.

Fontana and Councilor of Education, Training and Work said, “Dowry allows us to lighten the economic burden that families have to bear in order to guarantee a quality education for their children.” Simona tironi,

Then the councilor underlined: “We invite all families of Lombard students who meet the requirements to participate in this call”, Tironi concluded. Dote Schools is a solid opportunity to gain the freedom of educational choice that can make a difference in the educational and life paths of our children.

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