Solana, which has established its dominance in the altcoin market with its recent rise (Fifth note of musical scale) Is a new boom being prepared?

B T cOne of those coins that keep rising rapidly Fifth note of musical scale Continues its breathless growth. few days back ftx The dominant coin, which dropped to $52 with its transfer, has tested $68 and BTC has reached $37,500. SOL, which has surged 33 percent in a very short period of time, brings the rally in 2021 into focus and signals potential bullishness.

Turns corrections into buying opportunities!

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SOL, which traded at $18 at the end of September, has not closed any week in the negative. The dominant coin, which is constantly moving upwards, grows after each withdrawal, making both the investor base and the ecosystem happy. SOL, which rose to $68 after testing $52, is currently trading at $67.36.

In particular, factors such as the absence of bull news from FTX, the horizontal or positive course of BTC, or the failure of SOL to remain below $66.22 will increase the price. The levels that can be targeted in such a scenario are $75.56 – $81.21 – $93.50 and $105.78 respectively. In case of a withdrawal, $58.11 and $48.53 can be adopted as support points.

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