Derya Turker, CEO of The Steve Group, which hosts a series of platforms that can be used effectively in both the markets and social life, will attract the attention of everyone interested in the economy, offering investment opportunities. Went to El Salvador to investigate. As part of this important visit, Turker also met with President Nayib Bukele and during the meeting blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and the future of investment in El Salvador were discussed.

El Salvador declaring Bitcoin its official currency allows merchants across the country to accept payments in Bitcoin.

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele gave information about the current situation and future of the country

President Bukele emphasized that investment in El Salvador has been steadily increasing over the past two years and shared his goals to make the country the financial center of South America. He said that his aim is to leave the developing countries and become one of the developed countries, taking the Singapore model as an example.

President Bukele said that El Salvador has a young and hardworking population and the enthusiasm of these youth is a great source of strength for the country’s future. He also pointed out that there are young managers at the government level and compared it to a startup and said that the country is growing and developing rapidly.

Emphasizing that the interest of foreign investors in El Salvador is increasing day by day, President Bukele said that this situation increases the value of the country. Noting that the crime rate has dropped to zero and the importance of being the safest country in South America under these circumstances, the President said that El Salvador is an ideal place to invest and do business.

President Nayib Bukele said he believes El Salvador will grow further in the future and become an important international player, and stressed that the country will remain an attractive destination for investors.

This meeting between the CEO of Steve Group and the President of El Salvador opens the door to greater collaboration between business and government and more effective exploitation of the economy’s potential. It offers an exemplary model globally, emphasizing that El Salvador’s pioneering policies regarding cryptocurrencies are a source of inspiration for other countries to take similar steps.

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