Cardano, which has been quiet for some time (ADA) attacked upwards and played in the upper ranks.

One of the names in the background of major coins ADA, came to mind again with the latest price movement. PopularCoin, which rose less than the overall altcoin market, took a hit in the past 24 hours. ADA, which rose 11.14 percent to $0.4061, ranked seventh on the “Top Rising” list. So, what is the latest situation for the ADA chart?

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Dusend bucked the trend and took action!

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ADA, which took action after breaking the downtrend after reaching $0.34, touched $0.41 and retraced the daily opening price. ADA, which was trading at $0.3871 at the time of writing, may test $0.4191 – 0.4435 and $0.4614 respectively along with the positive trend of BTC.

If BTC drops to $35,000 or loses the green box where ADA is located, there could be contact with $0.3208 and then $0.3017. Market related news flow will also play a major role in this process. Additionally, shares and statements of authorized figures in Cardano can be closely followed.

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