that designer Demna Gvasalia No stranger to performance apparel. Since his debut as the creative director of balansiege In 2016, innovators imagined new sportswear in a sleek ready-to-wear, from football jerseys to motorbike suits, making the fashion industry yearn for physical activity like never before.

In honor of the upcoming winter holidays, head to Balenciaga Mountain With the launch of its first skiwear collection. Line ski wear All the hallmarks that define Demna’s collection have been lifted by Balenciaga and reinterpreted for the snowy slopes. This includes oversized proportions of puffer jackets and cargo pants.

A closer look at the collection

The line features innovative materials and technologies designed to guarantee visibility, insulation, aerodynamics and safety, the collection expands Balenciaga’s typical themes by introducing functional sports items for the first time: snowboards, skis, helmets and downhill poles. , ski cross-country or hike.

will put ready to wear technicoWaterproof fleece-lined jeans in blue stretch denim give a casual look on mountain trails or après-ski, as does a ski backpack that attaches to the poles equipped with a scratch-resistant lined pocket to protect goggles And is made of nylon water. -Recycled in color resistant black or red.

Continuing, jackets and waistcoats in matte tones quiltedFive-pocket ski pants in stretch nylon and fitted wool jackets reflect the house’s classic silhouette, including hourglass jacket And this puffer,

Even sneaker lovers will be able to say that they are satisfied with its release 3XL ski sneaker, a snow-ready version of the 3XL that is built to withstand cold, wet environments. Made of waterproof inner layer, it protects the wearer from water, ensuring comfort all day long. And for those looking for something more exotic, the collection also features L’Alaska Boot, inspired by Arctic Gear. Made of foam and covered with nylon, leather or synthetic fur, also thanks to the thermal lining, it keeps your toes warm and definitely beats the cold.

lyrics of outerwear They are considered water-repellent, with most pieces available in black, brown or red. These include hoodies and long sleeve half zip tops in heavy wool, soft knit, fisherman’s ribbed fleece and mink style faux fur. padded gloves To wear on the sleeve of a jacket, a Cap In knitted clothes incorporating sunglasses lenses: these, as well as a selection of leggings, socks, masks, gloves and scarves in different shapes and materials, are marked with the Balenciaga logo contemplative,


The release of the collection was accompanied by a campaign that highlights the strong spirit ofirony Of Demna. Instead of a Swiss chalet, models wear ski gear beach sunny.

To celebrate the release of the collection, several events will be scheduled pop up A global and showcase installation in stores that will transport shoppers into the new world of Balenciaga Skiwear.

Promising to be anything but ordinary, the pop-up will feature athletic-inspired Baleniaga graphics designed for the collection and pieces created specifically for these activities. Collection balaniaga skiwear Available in stores and online from 15th November.

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