Thanks to an application called EarthTunes, it is now possible to listen to earthquakes. Seismic signals converted into sounds make it possible to realize the intensity of the tremors that shook the Reykjanes Peninsula, which is still waiting to trigger a new eruption.

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While Fagradalsfjall is expected to erupt any day now, Icelanders continue to experience violent tremors associated with the injection of magma near the surface. Hundreds of earthquakes are felt every day and bear witness to the intense magmatic activity currently taking place in the Reykjanes Peninsula.

EarthTunes, an application that allows you to listen to earthquakes

Seismic activity was recorded by seismometers in the area, but researchers Northwestern University Managed to convert it into an audio signal. Therefore, the seismic song of the Icelandic volcanoes can be heard, but also elsewhere. Via An app called EarthTunes.

The recordings have made it possible to see the evolution of seismic activity over the past few days. The audio clip condenses 24 hours of seismic activity into just one minute. Earthquakes are heard there as brief clicking sounds, the frequency of which increased suddenly on November 10, when the crisis began. A real cacophony!

Magma injected into the crust

This seismicity results from intrusion of magma into the crust at a depth of approximately 5 kilometers. This injection process forces new fractures to open along which magma will be able to move toward the surface. We are talking about a dam. Large faults currently opening up on the streets of the town of Grindavik indicate that the magma is now at a very shallow depth, perhaps less than a kilometre, indicating that an eruption is definitely imminent.

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