Despite rising tensions in the Middle East due to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, fuel prices continued to fall in the third weekend of November. Fuel prices, which rose to more than 2 euros per liter after a summer surge, have now fallen further following the recent cuts.

average fuel prices

Fuel prices continue their downward trend: The national average of petrol and diesel has seen a further decline. Today, new updates to Eni’s recommended prices are reported 1 cent cut on petroland Tamoil and Q8, both with a 1 percent reduction on fuel.

According to data provided by the Trade Ministry and the managers of the Price Observatory built in Italy, subsequently processed by Staffetta Quotidiana, here is the cost on 18,000 systems at 5pm on Friday 17 November:

  • Self-service petrol at 1,826 euros/litre (-1 thousandth, companies 1,827, white pumps 1,823).
  • Self-service diesel at 1,807 euros/litre (-2, companies 1,809, white pumps 1,804).
  • Petrol served at 1,967 euros/litre (-1, companies 2,006, white pumps 1,888).
  • Diesel sold at 1,947 euros/litre (-2, companies 1,987, white pumps 1,867).
  • GPL and 0.721 Euro/Litre (-1, companies 0.730, white pumps 0.712).
  • Methane 1.453 Euro/kg (Unchanged, companies 1,457, white pumps 1,451).
  • LNG 1.427 Euro/kg (+2, companies 1,425 euros/kg, white pumps 1,428 euros/kg).

Here are the prices recorded on motorways:

  • Self-service petrol: 1,910 euros/litre.
  • Self-service diesel: 1,893 euros/litre.
  • Petrol served: 2.179 euros/litre.
  • Diesel served: 2.165 euros/litre.
  • LPG: 0.851 euros/litre.
  • Methane: 1,530 euros/kg.
  • LNG: 1.472 Euro/kg.

Fuel price ranking: Sondrio cheapest province, Nuoro most expensive

Apart from the national average price, notable disparities emerge in the cost of petrol between different Italian provinces. Let us consider, for example, Bayala Province, Where 10 distributors offer the cheapest price of 1,791 euros per liter, highlighting the favorable conditions for consumers in that region. On the other hand, some provinces, especially those bordering other states or located in the south and on islands, have significantly higher costs. is an example Croton Province, where the average price of petrol today has reached 1.888 euros per liter, about 10 cents more than in Biella. This difference highlights the different types of costs that consumers may face depending on their geographic location within Italy.

But the most virtuous province in terms of petrol is sondrio While the average price of a liter of Super is 1,733 euros per liter, the most expensive nuro Where the price of one liter is on average 1.886 euros per liter.

Fuel, average price icon should remain open but empty

A few days ago, the Lazio Regional Administrative Court annulled the decree with which the Ministry of Trade and Made in Italy had imposed the obligation to display signs with average fuel prices on March 31. The TAR accepted the appeal submitted by FEGICA (Federation of Fuel and Related Plant Managers), FIGISC (Italian Federation of Road Fuel Plant Managers) and some operators. Despite this, it seems that the cartel’s departure is not certain.

Following the decision of the Lazio Regional Administrative Court, which annulled the ministerial decree, Figica, Figisch and Anissa, consulting their lawyers, gave pointers on the behavior that managers should adopt. It appears that, although the decree has been revoked, the law establishing the average fuel price cartel will remain in force. As a result, The manager is required to maintain the sign, but is asked to leave it blank, without any indication of prices.

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