FTX’is rising rapidly with the news of the reopening of ftx token,Of ,ftt) The reduction in volume attracted attention.

In a very short period of time it rose from $1.20 to $5.52, a total increase of more than 350 percent. ftt, entered a major downward trend. The stock market token, which pushed important resistance levels several times, quickly retreated when it did not get the support it was looking for from both technical and fundamental analysis. Furthermore, the price of FTT has declined by 14.83 percent in the last 24 hours.In Very lostReached the top of the list.

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It may face a big fall!

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B T cThe fact that it could not exceed $38,000 and retreated to the $35,500 band naturally sent a shock to the altcoins. In particular the percentage of withdrawals of coins increased very rapidly. FTT was at the top among these coins. The stock market token, which has lost value since hitting $4, is currently trading at $3.1499.

If there are again positive developments regarding FTX 2.0 or BTC target $38,000, an increase in FTT can be expected. In such a scenario, the points that can be followed as resistance are $3.3996 – 3.6921 – 4.0036 – 4.2395 and $4.8374 respectively.

screenshot 2023 11 17 11.43.29

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