Binance, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, hosted an event titled “Ethereum 2030: Uncovering Tomorrow’s Innovation” during DevConnect week in Istanbul. Held on Wednesday, November 15 in collaboration with Bing Ventures, the investment arm of BingX, the event hosted Ethereum enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors from Turkey and around the world.

“We bring projects together with Turkish users”

The opening speech of the event was given by Bingex Türkiye Country Leader Attila Tataroglu. Commenting on UzmanCoin after his speech, Tataroglu said, “We wanted to hold a technology summit unlike other exchanges. All projects introduce themselves. We bring them together with Turkish users.” said. Speaking about BingX’s work in Turkey, Tataroglu said, “BingX has become an exchange that has changed the understanding of crypto marketing in Turkey. “Advertisements and Instead of moving forward with the sweepstakes, we preferred to invest in productive partners,” she said. Finally, Tataroğlu touched on the regulations. “We have no fears or doubts about the regulations,” the BingX country leader said. There is currently no exchange based in any tax haven or island. A stock exchange established in Singapore is under the Ministry of Finance of Singapore and holds all licenses. “We would like to have the licensing process started in Turkey, just like Also remain under observation.” He gave a statement.

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Security of Ethereum protocol discussed

Taking the stage after the opening remarks, Yajin (Andy) Zhou, CEO of blockchain security company Blocksec, gave a presentation on ensuring the security of the Ethereum protocol. Following his presentation, Zhou talked about the newly launched Falcon product in an exclusive interview with Uzmancoin. The Blocksec CEO said that with Falcon, they took a proactive approach to automatically block attacks by monitoring them. Volkan Korkmaz, CEO and co-founder of Altcointurk, discusses the role of communities in the crypto ecosystem.

Impact of media in crypto industry discussed

The event also featured discussions with expert panelists on topics such as the future of DeFi and Web3 security. Coin Bulletin co-founder Fatih Tasdemir discussed the impact of media in the crypto industry, and Gitcoin’s Azim Khan discussed the importance of grant programs at Web3. In the final part of the event, Aspecta’s founding partner Jack Hay took the stage. He talked about artificial intelligence enabled identity networks.

Wallet gift from Oneki to the participants

On the other hand, open source hardware wallet brand OneKey also participated in the event with its stand. While the company got the opportunity to present its products and services to the participants, it presented hardware wallets to the main participants.

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