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(on video) Asperatus, a stunning and mysterious cloud Clouds are formed by the evaporation and condensation of water in the Earth’s atmosphere. they have…

The coasts of California were the scene of a spectacular atmospheric phenomenon this Wednesday.

In the south of the state a sky worthy of a Van Gogh painting was observed, as if covered with raging cloud waves: from Santa Barbara to the Channel Islands, clouds were seen for several tens of kilometers.

These are asperatus (or asperitas), a distortion of more classic clouds such as altocumulus or stratocumulus.

The superposition of two different currents produces waves, which often precede more unsettled weather.

Despite their ominous appearance, aspertus do not necessarily announce the season’s floods: they are sometimes followed by other, more dangerous clouds, such as showers or storms, usually after a few hours.

But it often happens that these clouds pass without any consequences. In California, this Wednesday, they were followed by torrential rains.

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