it is confirmed national strike Of Friday 17th November, trade unions CGIL I uille He alone opposes the Maloney government’s budget moves cisl Decided to withdraw from the protest. It’s Black Friday for those who have to travel for work: everything from public transport to hospitals stops for half a day. Only air transportation is 100% guaranteed. In all other areas (except for firefighters who halve the movement) the stop is 8 hours.

due to general strike

Unions accused the government of not adjusting workers’ wages in line with the rising cost of living, of not implementing measures to increase security in the world of work, of not effectively fighting tax evasion, of worsening Italian pension requirements Is. Nothing was done to give a better future to the young generation.

4 hours strike in transport, 8 hours strike in other sectors

However, this is a movement in a shorter format than the original formulation: as desired by the Minister of Transport and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini in the League, the national strike has been reduced to 4 hours: starting at 9:00 am and Expires at 1:00 pm :oo. Salvini’s theory comes in addition to the decision of the Strike Guarantee Commission that it lacks the needs of the national movement.

This is for the transportation sector. An 8-hour strike has been confirmed in all other sectors: post offices, schools, public employment, environmental services, healthcare, industrial laundries, urban waste collection, etc…
Firefighters have reduced the strike to 4 hours from 9:00 to 13:00.

Transport strike: Black Friday for students and workers

Possible inconvenience due to CGIL and UIL personnel crossing their arms from 9:00 to 13:00. The strike is worrying all support staff, including those who drive vehicles and contract workers.

fermi i trains (including Trenitalia, Italo, Trainord) rail freight transportStop local public transport (subways, buses, trolleybuses and trams), stopped sea ​​transport, they only planeAs predicted, do not participate in the stop.
they also go on strike the cab and drivers of NCC,

In case of violation of the principle, Salvini states that “the sanctions provided for by law will be applied”. Salvini attacked the general secretary of CGIL, saying “Millions of Italians cannot become hostage to the whims of Landini who wants to organize another long weekend.” Landini’s reply: “Maybe Salvini, who has never worked in his life, is thinking about his weekend.”

Methods for local public transportation vary depending on the municipality involved. On Friday vehicles will normally operate for a total of 6 hours (two periods of 3 hours each are anticipated). The stopover in Rome will be from 8.30am to 5pm and from 8pm till the end of the race. The situation is different in Milan, as the last strike took place last November 10. The ATM ensures that those traveling by metro, tram and bus will not face any problems.

More attacks are planned in the areas

The 17th November movement is not the only movement. Series of attacks expected in various areas:

  • There will be a strike in Sicily on 20 November. Pierpaolo Bombardieri, UIL General Secretary, will be in Syracuse;
  • On 27 November there will be a strike in Sardinia, Maurizio Landini will stop demonstrations in Cagliari;
  • There will be a strike in the northern areas on 24th November. Landini will be in Turin, Bombardier will be in Brescia;
  • On 1 December there will be strikes in the southern regions: Landini in Naples, Bombardier in Bari.

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