While waiting for the implementing decree unlocking the 2023 psychological bonus, universities are moving independently to support students in the costs of mental health care. The first university in Italy to provide financial contributions for psychotherapy sessions to its membersUniversity of Bari, which introduced a one-time 300 euro bonus For all those girls and boys who want to benefit from psychological support from private professionals.

Psychological Bonus from the University of Bari

The decision to introduce the psychological bonus by the University of Bari came to satisfy several requests Consulting ServiceAlready activated by the University as short-term support for 5 sessions and refresher meetings, to help students with university difficulties related to returning to normalcy after the pandemic.

In fact, UNIBA explained that the consultation “can achieve no goals.” long term medical support To situations that extend to family, friends and the social sphere in general and which, in some cases, contribute to slowing down and blocking the study path”.

The University inspired the new initiative with the fact that many students continue to experience severe discomfort during and related to the pandemic and post-pandemic period. Socio-cultural pressure towards performance at all costs“Experience severe declines in motivation, feelings of loss of control, anxiety and sadness, resulting in delays in their university careers, leading to career interruptions and drop-out”.

how to apply

The 300 Euro Psychological Bonus will be paid by Uniba as reimbursement of expenses incurred in the Psychotherapy Path by all students who, at the time of submission of the request, are regularly enrolled for the year 2022-2023 and meet the following requirements Are:

  • Three-year degree courses, master’s degree, single-cycle master’s degree, old system degree, research doctorate or specialization school of the University of Bari;
  • With ISEE not more than 50,000 euros for the benefit of the right to university studies.

This measure is financed until resources from the fund of 90 thousand euros are exhausted and the vouchers must not be used after the expiry of the notice, which is set for 30 April 2024 (Here we told how much the psychological bonus will be worth in 2024, while here we talked about the possible increase in money for the 2024 psychological bonus).

To support the mental health of students, as we have mentioned here, the Ministry of Universities and Research has also provided a kind of psychological bonus with the allocation. 40.5 million euros made available to Italian universities For practices and services aimed at promoting psychological well-being and tackling risk factors such as addictions.

The measure financed by Mur does not provide concrete financial support to students, but is transformed into a series of initiatives starting from the inclusion of psychosocial counseling among the services of each university, with the aim of achieving different objectives:

  • Research actions to understand psychological and emotional distress, associated risks and protective factors, including the fight against addictions.
  • Identification of pathways, practices and tools to address risk factors and promote psychological and social well-being.
  • Creation or strengthening of innovative structures and equipment to support the needs of students.
  • Consultancy services for research activities on psychological and social distress of students.
  • Information and orientation activities to create awareness about psychological and emotional distress.

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