A good number of people attended the Cross-Chain Hackers Den, a hackathon dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Internet Computer (IC) and cross-chain possibilities. The event was held at Masterpiece Maslak as part of the DevConnect week held in Istanbul this year. The participants had a chance to gain knowledge, innovate and win exciting prizes at the event, which turned into a vibrant technology hub.

The cross-chain Hackers Den served as an all-day playground for tech enthusiasts. At the event, developers came together to collaborate, share ideas, and ignite innovation. From coding marathons to knowledge sharing sessions, the cross-chain Hackers Den has been a haven for tech enthusiasts and the Web3 community.

The event, expertly curated by the ecosystem’s founders, showed participants the fundamentals of development on IC, covering topics such as building fully on-chain DApps, coding smart contracts on Bitcoin, and developing cross-chain DApps. Was included.

During a whiteboard session at the beginning of the event, attendees shared their aspirations, including learning more about Web3, exploring Internet Computer technologies, connecting with like-minded individuals, building teams, and developing dApps on ICP. Was.

In his speech, Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist of DFINITY, highlighted the key features and advantages of ICP. Following Williams’ speech, participants were tasked with developing a completely on-chain DApp, provided with four different pathways and sample ideas to fuel their creativity.

xChain dApps ($12k prize pool)

Cross-chain DApps will be developed with the Internet Computer.

DApp developed completely on-chain ($8k prize pool)

DApps created completely on-chain using the Internet Computer.

  • SocialFi Apps: Social interactions on chains show that users have control over their data. You can host a website on ICP and interact directly with the browser. Furthermore, ICP offers the most seamless user onboarding experience. No wallet required.
  • DAO Tools: ICP has the ability to host the entire governance continuum for on-chain DAOs. Show what you can do to help move The DAO forward.
  • Privacy-Oriented Applications: Blockchain is not the best choice for data privacy in general. vetKeys on ICP helps users build dApps that can protect their privacy.
  • RWA DeFi Protocol: With https outcall, ICP smart contracts can stream data from the real world to the chain. Projects are being explored that tokenize new assets and move them on-chain.

Creating smart contracts written in Solidity on ICP using Bitfinity EVM (prize pool of 3 thousand dollars)

Bitfinity is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implemented as a smart contract on the Internet Computer Protocol. It helps developers scale the Ethereum ecosystem to run their applications on an Ethereum-compatible, high-throughput, scalable future-proof platform with low transaction costs.

Community Documentation Effort ($2K Prize Pool)

Basic protocols, developing a ‘canister’ in IC and creating a community-driven documentation effort covering the benefits of IC.

The teams worked tirelessly throughout the day to showcase their skills and showcase their talent. At the end of the program, winners in each category were selected and grants were awarded to deserving teams and producers from ICP.

The event received support from Turkey’s leading Web3 communities and partners such as AltcoinTurk, Offchain Istanbul, CryptoOps Turkey. Organized by ICP.Hub Turkey with the active participation of Patika.dev, the event successfully brought together the technology community to bring learning, collaboration and innovation to the industry.

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