bitcoin’in (B T c) Which altcoins shone in the cryptocurrency market, whose price touched $36 thousand 500 as volatility increased?

BTC, which retreated sharply after rising to $38,000, managed to jump to the $36,500 band. Which altcoins were brought forward by the cryptocurrency leader, which also seriously affected the liquidation data?

list of winners

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The list of fastest growing coins has increased by 22.36 percent in the last 24 hours. dYdX ,ethDYDX) reached the top. With an increase of 17.42 percent PancakeSwap (Cake) Is in second place with an increase of 13.48 percent. Caspian (What, Ranked third with an increase of 12.88 percent celestia ,tia) ranked fourth with an increase of 10.90 percent and finally fifth thorchain ,rune) Happened.

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list of losers

Top in the list of most fallen coins adamant ,SME) Happened. SMEIt fell by 6.88 percent in the last 24 hours and reached the top. next Needle (SUI) Came. Needle Its value decreased by 5.38 percent in the last 24 hours. Third place with a decline of 5.17 percent Ethereum Classic (ETC) Is in fourth place with a decline of 5.04 percent xrp ,xrp) Happened. It stood last with a loss of 4.93 percent. appcoin ,Monkey) landed.

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