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xavier nealxavier nealThe boss of Iliad (Free) surrounded himself with high-tech personalities such as Rodolphe Saade (CMA-CGM) and Eric Schmidt (Schmidt Futures) today to present his Qitai research laboratory. The idea is to create a center of excellence aroundartificial intelligenceartificial intelligence open sourceopen source In Europe, and more precisely in France, from OpenAI to counter American AI, GoogleGoogle Or meta. It has been several months since the owner of Free announced its intention to invest significantly in the field of AI. It is intended to be developed in open source and without profit.

a non-profit project

The main objective of KyuAI is to stem the brain drain to the United States to develop new AI models. At the moment, 300 million euros of capital has been raised to lay the foundation and start recruitment. The Government and the President of the Republic congratulated this initiative. If this desire to create European AI is laudable, isn’t it already too late to make changes with the American giants? We also remember the lazy experiment with Quant, the French search engine that wanted to compete with Google and Bing.

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