2023 Nursery and Primary School Competition announced. Considering what total numbers we’re talking about, that’s definitely positive news. Places to be allocated equal to 9641, These are the figures that emerged during a report by the Ministry of Education and Qualifications on 15 November.

Considering the request submitted to MEF for implementation relating to the posts left over from the appointments of the current academic year, there is nothing in it that the available posts may actually increase. As with any changes to the already authorized numbers, it is necessary to wait for the publication of the announcement to know exactly the instructions of the competition.

School Competition 2023: Places Available

As mentioned, there are currently 9641 places available for the 2023 school competition. These are divided into two main categories: Rs 3570 for general post and Rs 6071 for support post, The focus is on the nursery and primary education sector and below we report a detailed outline of the vacancies in the different regions of Italy:

  • Abruzzo – Childhood15 general and 2 support. primary28 general and 9 support;
  • Basilicata – Childhood4 normal and 2 support. primary10 normal and 10 support;
  • Calabria – Childhood7 normal and 6 support. primary43 general and 12 support;
  • Campania – Childhood68 general and 11 support. primary121 general and 35 support;
  • Emilia Romagna – Childhood52 general and 26 support. primary123 general and 445 support;
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia – Childhood8 normal and 2 support. primary156 general and 101 support;
  • Lazio – Childhood77 normal and 77 support. primary240 normal and 303 support;
  • Liguria – Childhood19 general and 21 support. primary112 general and 241 support;
  • Lombardy – Childhood85 general and 257 support. primary1339 general and 2402 support;
  • Marche – Childhood20 general and 3 support. primary45 general and 7 support;
  • Molise – Childhood3 normal and 1 support. primary5 normal and 1 support;
  • Piedmont – Childhood53 general and 136 support. primary98 general and 793 support;
  • Puglia – Childhood147 general and 9 support. primary83 general and 41 support;
  • Sardinia – Childhood17 general and 4 support. primary46 general and 54 support;
  • Sicily – Childhood46 general and 9 support. primary75 general and 30 support;
  • tuscany – Childhood49 general and 12 support. primary79 general and 154 support;
  • Umbria – Childhood8 normal and 1 support. primary12 normal and 5 support;
  • Veneto – Childhood29 general and 29 support. primary248 normal and 820 support.

Requirements and testing for 2023 school call

Below we report Characteristics sought in candidates For 2023 School Competition for Nursery and Primary Schools. Admission is granted to candidates who have a teaching qualification obtained in our country or abroad and, in this case, recognized in Italy. The same applies to those who have a master’s degree with a qualification value and a diploma in application with a linguistic orientation. Complete Achieved within the 2001/2002 school year,

Those who intend to propose themselves for a supporting role, must possess one of the qualifications already mentioned and also have the expertise to support it. Achieved in accordance with current law. In addition, similar qualifications obtained abroad will also be accepted, provided that they are recognized in Italy.

As far as the tests to be taken are concerned, they will be of two types as usual. We will proceed with the written and then with the oral. At the end of the process, the results and qualifications submitted will be evaluated.

The written test is unique And it is a multiple-choice test, the purpose of which is to detect skills: pedagogical, IT, psycho-pedagogical, linguistic (English) and didactic-methodological.

oral testInstead, it will explore the candidate’s specific skills in relation to the type of position. From mastering methodological topics and curricular didactic planning for general positions, to didactic and curricular planning aimed at guaranteeing inclusion and achieving objectives for support positions.

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