The Defense Industry Agency is an entity controlled by the Ministry of Defence, which is currently looking for new professionals to join its ranks. As it is easy to imagine, job opportunities relate to different functions for both high school and graduate staff. Below is everything you need to know to apply, from the requirements to how to submit the application correctly.

Competition in Defense Industry Agency

When it comes to HelpAs mentioned, refers to a unit under the direct control of the Ministry of Defence. Therefore, publication of the notice arouses immediate interest. We currently need a total of 90 figures to join the expectedly huge staff permanent employment,

However, before proceeding further, it is best to briefly explain What exactly does the Defense Industry Agency do?, The organization saw the light in 1999 and has provided coordination and management of industrial plants assigned by Defense over the last 24 years of its history.

As mentioned, the job announcement is aimed at both graduates As far as graduates are concerned, various posts are expected. Most of the vacancies are for supporting roles. We’re talking about 74 units out of a total of 90 requests. Specifically, the indicated role will be to Assistant in Functional Area II, A secondary school diploma is required and a salary range of F2 is expected. In detail it is a salary Monthly gross 1,594.35 euros,

Situation is different for subjects graduates, with a three-year or master’s degree. With the required professional profile, there are 16 places available for them Officer in Functional Area III, with the F1 salary cap. This translates into salary Monthly gross 1,870.65 euros,

Requirements and Applications

I Application Submission Requirements The criteria for this new job competition are: Italian citizenship or citizenship of an EU member state, physical suitability to perform the duties, no criminal convictions. In addition to the titles already mentioned above.

Applications should be sent before 11.59 pm on 30th November. You can do this through door inpa, Therefore the process is electronic. You must log in and verify your identity SPID, CIEor electronic identity card, CNSwhich stands for National Service Card or Idas, an alternative electronic identification system regulated by the European Union. While filling the form, it is important to remember that you need to indicate which role you wish to apply for. Once the process of submission of short application is completed, the date of application will be informed.Potential pre-selective testing, The test should not be taken lightly, as it depends on the total number of applications received.

If this is done, candidates will have to take a test with reasoning and general knowledge questions. However, in case of individuals aiming for an official position, there will also be room for specific exam subjects associated with the role. In such a situation, there is also an oral examination for graduates. Finally, a final ranking will be prepared, which will also take into account the evaluation of merit in both the cases. A certainly important element regarding graduates who, in case of equal marks in the writing stage, can be selected or rejected depending on the document presented.

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