The date for deletion of all abandoned Gmail accounts is near. As announced in May, On December 1st, Google will clear email addresses that have been inactive for at least two years.

Google’s announcement

The purpose of the operation is to eliminate the type of email address through which a user has used a wide range of Google tools in the past, then leaving him or her to move to another email account, which automatically grants access to the services. Acts as a user for. ,

“If an account has not been used for a long time, There is a greater possibility of compromise – He explained from Mountain View – This is because forgotten or inaccessible accounts often use old or reused passwords, which can be compromised, on which two-factor authentication has not been established and the user Receives less security checks than.

,This means that these accounts are more vulnerable – they say again from a Big Tech company – and, once compromised, they can be used for anything from identity theft to vectoring unwanted or even harmful content such as spam .

In this sense, Google has announced its intention to implement the “Passkey” system as much as possible to say goodbye to passwords, often prone to hacking, as we have explained here.

this is a biometric authentication method, based on facial scanning or fingerprint recognition, Which in the future will increasingly replace the classic access credentials used by users today.

inactive accounts

Deactivation will not affect Gmail addresses associated with a business, company, school, or any type of organization, but only personal accounts that have not been accessed in the last two years.

Per “access“Google considers not only sending messages or reading emails from any device, but also logging into Google Drive cloud files, using YouTube with your profile, or sharing photos through Google Photos .

Exceptions to mass purging include only using your account to purchase products through the Google Play Store or if you have a gift card with an active balance. Even those who have a subscription configured through a Google Account, for example Google One, or an app, they can rest assured: to verify whether a profile is active or not, the Montan View veteran Takes into account the use of the Platform or connected services.

Accounts that are deemed inactive will be removed as a result Deleting not only the email account, but all associated data and contentWhich includes information stored in the various platforms associated with the profile, such as Google Photos, Google Calendar or Google Docs.

To prevent your Gmail account from being permanently deleted, simply log in.

In any case, Google ensures that, before deactivating email addresses, Will send alerts to both primary and secondary accountsIf they exist (here we already talked about the announcement made by Google in May on closing accounts).

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