I Profits of main leasing companies they are european increased by 59% From 2018 to 2022, regardless of their size Beautiful have increased only by 5%, A new report from research organization Profundo, commissioned by the independent European environmental organisation, Transport and Environment, analyzes the profitability Seven major leasing companies whites (ALD, LeasePlan, Alphabet/BMW Financial Services, Arval, Leesis, Mercedes-Benz Mobility/Athlon, Mobilize Financial Services and Volkswagen Financial Services). A value that reaches a total of 15.7 billion euros for 2022 and which shows how leasing companies have the financial capacity to accelerate the transition towards electric cars.

Leasing and conversion of electricity

leasing companyEven in marketing activities stake their claim predominance in infection And they declare themselves to be at the forefront of reducing road transport emissions; However, few facts yet match the communication strategies. European Leasing Record A Electric car adoption rate 10.4%, Compared to 10.5% for the rest of the market. In other words, these companies, despite their abundant capital and often contradicting their own pronouncements, They are nothing more than individual consumers Or European family. Nevertheless, they are annually responsible for the registration of approximately 50% of the cars sold in Europe. half of the automotive market It also depends on their inclinationBut, unlike European carmakers, who in most cases aim to electrify 100% of their fleets by the early 2030s, none of the companies included in this study have announced a phaseout date for polluting vehicles.

Profit: Arwal and lease increase more

Those are the two leasing companies that have seen the highest profit growth since 2018 Arwal (owned by BNP Paribas) e lease (Leasing subsidiary of Crédit Agricole and Stellantis). Arval’s profits have increased 192% since 2018, even though the number of leased and financed vehicles has grown only 33%. However, the size of the leased fleet has increased significantly (82%), and its profits have almost doubled (+143%)4.

Leasing companies are “healthier” than banks

The report also examines profitability of own capital ROE is the benchmark used by investors to determine the financial health of a company. is considered a company “Very” When ROE is more than 10%. ROE of leasing companies increased from an already high 21.2% in 2018 Up to 27.2% in 2022, For comparison, banks – owners of leasing companies and similar sectors – record ROEs between 7 and 12%. Profit per car increased by 53% The report analyzes 2018 to 2022 for leasing companies, which means fleets and customers are paying a lot more than they were 5 years ago. All companies except Mobilize posted strong growth. Over a leasing period of 3.5 years, Arval’s profit per car is around 2,400 euros and Mobilize’s is 3,200 euros. This profit is the result of monthly lease contract and the sale of cars on the second-hand market, where most EU households buy their vehicles. Leasing an average car, such as an Opel Corsa or a Peugeot 208, costs around 12,000 – 15,00 euros for the same lease period.

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