The world of technology has made impressive progress during the 2000s. It has effectively affected the daily lives of all of us. Despite this, a large portion of the population views computers, smartphones, and the Web in general with suspicion.

In fact many people are forced to perform certain tasks with difficulty, with digital devices, in a naive and often careless manner. An example is the choice of a password, which is trivial and predictable, especially by an automated system. However, in many cases, you don’t even need to rely on the software to figure out the access code. just think about this Until recently the most used password in Italy was: 123456,

New standard password in Italy

Times change but the laziness of those accessing the web does not change. A phenomenon that certainly worries older generations, but also many Gen Xers and Millennials. However, the situation is clearly different for Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

The passwords we choose are our main security system At zero cost against criminals operating online. They must be carefully selected, compounded and modified with a certain regularity.

However, generally speaking, we are afraid of forgetting them and so we choose solutions that are the least obvious. As mentioned, until recently many people considered themselves “123456, Today things have changed, but that doesn’t make them any less worrying. is actually the most used new password in Italy “administrator,

Here’s the new first on this forum of shame. “123456” is now the silver medalist, while “password” is in third place. These are the data that have emerged from the analysis conducted by the NordPass company.

However, by expanding the scope of investigation, “123456” ranks first worldwide, This highlights that the problem is not Italian at all. The fact that we’re an objectively old country certainly doesn’t help, but The issue of digital security is a global issue,

Digital Security: How to Protect Yourself

The study highlighted other very interesting data. It is clear that most users are afraid of forgetting their password and to avoid having to recover it, we prefer to make everything as simple as possible. This is how brilliant ideas like “Ciaocciao”, “Juventus” and “Napoli” are born, which however fell out of the top 10 this year.

You should proceed to write down your passwords in an analog version, changing them regularly at least once a year. But why suddenly, Is “admin” becoming the most used? Simple, that’s about it Default for many systems,

Considering how many services move forward with peaceful sharing (just think of the world of streaming), it’s easy to understand how these obvious passwords run the risk of being further exposed. Statistically speaking, the final worrying fact is the following: 31% of codes are a numerical sequence,

However, now that we have highlighted what not to do, let’s move on to the gods Simple methods to enforce security of your system,

  • Always delete accounts that are not used. They may represent a flaw in your system, open to malicious people who, once inside, will often gain access to very sensitive data. Considering how this service is now unused, without the owner realizing it;
  • Create long and unique passwords. This means not continuing to use the same service for different purposes, even if complex;
  • A complex password contains a combination of numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols;
  • Be aware that reusing passwords puts all your accounts at risk if a password is breached;
  • Use a password manager to securely track your login credentials.

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