While the crypto market witnessed a decline in the last two days, Celestia (TIA)’s rise of up to 20 percent attracted attention.

The dynamics of Bitcoin (BTC), which tested its support points, also affected altcoins. BTC fell below $35,000 several times and rose back to $36,000. As a result of this price change, profit selling began in altcoins that had been trending upward for months. Many altcoins fell between 10 and 50 percent.

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TIA attracted attention, especially in the crypto market, where the decline has intensified over the past two days. TIA broke away from the market and rose nearly 20 percent in two days.

The ropes are in her hands: Celestia (TIA) doesn’t stop!

Celestia (TIA), one of the new projects of the crypto market, separated itself from the downward trending market. TIA is up 20 percent while the crypto market has been falling for the last two days.

TIA, which started the bullish scenario on November 10 and rose from $2.40 to $7.20, has maintained its trend. During the week that the crypto market was turbulent, the price of TIA was fluctuating between $5.70 and $7. These days, even cryptocurrencies like LINK, AVAX, and SOL are under selling pressure, and TIA buyers are on the rise.

celestia tia graphic

Looking at the TIA chart, the price seems to be continuously rising. TIA has emerged these days when the crypto market is facing concerns about a possible decline. TIA achieved $520 million of spot trading volume in the last 24 hours. In futures trading on Binance, TIA’s 24-hour volume exceeded $1 billion. TIA, which attracted attention, managed to maintain its upward trend.

The popular cryptocurrency, which traded at $2.40 on November 10, attracted attention by rising to more than $6 just 8 days later. TIA may maintain its uptrend as long as it remains above the $6.40 support. If the rise continues, the $7.05 resistance may be retested. TIA, which previously could not sustainably hold above the $7.05 resistance level, may break out this time if it rises with positive market conditions. If TIA breaks $7.05, it will reveal new high price levels. TIA’s highest price point is $7.13. Breaking the $7.05 resistance could push TIA price to $7.5.

On the other hand, TIA may no longer be able to withstand market conditions and may decline. The concentration of sellers may also push the TIA price to the nearest support point. TIA may return to the nearest support point at $6.40. If this support is broken, the price may drop to $5.98 in a short period of time. The $5.98 support stands out as one of the intermediate supports that ensures TIA remains in the trend. If this support point is also lost, TIA may fall to the key support level at $5.48. If the trend breaks, TIA could see a sharp decline to $4.24. As seen in the chart, TIA strongly holds its structure before a significant breakout.

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