Globally harnessed attractive potential jeff bezos It seems there is no limit. American entrepreneur and computer scientist, founder and owner Amazon, finds itself in a position to dictate the agenda of global trends through the influence that its multinationals manage to exert in every corner of the planet. And we’re not just talking online shopping platform, which has now become a daily companion for millions of people who prefer to receive their purchased products at their homes. No, there is much more behind his empire.

Whether it’s informing readers with a column Washington Post – which they have owned since their acquisition in 2013 250 million dollars – Or plan space adventures through a technology development company blue origin (through which he collaborates with NASA and of which he is the sole CEO), his power now knows no limits. And in recent times a new piece has been added to its great puzzle of collaboration and investment, allowing it to earn its way onto the front pages of news agencies around the world.

Amazon will sell cars and vehicles on its online portal: Agreement signed with a big car manufacturing company

The news is: South Korean multinational company Hyundai announced that – starting from 2024 – Will be the first international car manufacturer to do so Sell ​​New Cars on Amazon, The agreement offers users the possibility to purchase a new registered car from one of the many dealers present on all five continents. Collection can be done directly here gather Selected on the site, or you can opt for deliver homeWhich will be done personally by the technicians of the automotive company.

After overtaking Ford in 2010 and becoming firmly established Top four global car manufacturers In terms of production, this move sees Hyundai looking to lay the foundation for its rivals’ assault on the podium. A goal that comes precisely from growing closer relationships jeff bezos And with Amazon itself, which has already had it available for several years Web portal All the South Korean conglomerate’s other products range from televisions to computers, DVD players to voice recording tools.

Thousands of offers on the Amazon portal for the purchase of IT products and technical equipment: discover the dedicated section

Because Amazon has announced online sales of cars in recent days

announcement of Partnership with Hyundai and Amazon was done during los angeles auto show, an unforgettable annual event for enthusiasts and professionals in the field. These are, among other things, the days of week of black friday amazonWith thousands of products that can be ordered at a really convenient price and the possibility to choose from an infinite number for each purchasing area.

An initiative that has reached ever-increasing dimensions over time. Thanks for the unique offer at the store black friday amazon (launched in the autumn term with the intention of facilitating same-day buying and selling) is enjoying unprecedented success, so much so that it prompted the multinational’s top management to extend its term far beyond initial expectations Is. This year, you still have time to take advantage of extremely low prices 22 November,

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