In the social age, where we are all connected 24 hours a day and every need is fulfilled within a few seconds with just a few clicks, scams are always around. The often fast and superficial rush on the web to search and find the answer to every doubt in today’s society, is actually one of the points at which scammers and criminals play a lot, and get just as much. And if social platforms provide the best support, that’s all.

In fact, we are increasingly hearing about scams occurring through social networks, in which unlucky people fall into the networks of criminals who manage to extract credit card data or even steal identities online. Are. And this case is recent Danger which is “fashionable” planeAirlines have been ridiculed for their “vulnerability” on the web and their passengers have been defrauded in just a few simple clicks.

Beware of social scams on airplanes

Many travelers are aware of this and have also become victims of online fraud due to the recent strikes, leading to flight cancellations or delays. This is what it says Corriere Della Sera, which revealed a new scam that has taken hold on social media. This is double, Made to the detriment of passengers and companiesThanks for “uprooting” the latter profile social fake,

In the era in which everyone can open an account without special verification from the platform, in fact, there are also people who manage to achieve a lot with less. And the crowd of average users on the web does the rest.

In fact, many people have been duped by a technique that would have been easy to spot with a little more attention. Categorizing the urgent need of travelers whose flights have been rescheduled or, worse, cancelled, many scammers have opened fake profiles in the name of companies, Serving as a customer support channel, Taking advantage of the huge amount of requests for assistance on social media, a door (or rather a door) was opened.

IL CourierIn fact, it tells the story of the misfortune of a traveler who was having difficulty checking in online, Asked for help from X profile of a company, “Hello, send us your name, surname and booking number via private mail so that we can help you” was the response from the carrier’s social account to the woman who trusted the request by sending the necessary information. However, it’s too bad there was a scammer on the other side, and not the actual company, which changed the ticket holder and destination by logging in with the data provided, and left the passenger’s place unaccounted for. The scam was discovered shortly afterwards, when after a thorough investigation it was discovered that a change for a flight had cost too much.

But that’s not all, because the scammer also had sensitive data such as home address, telephone number, credit card used for purchases and much more.

problem about x

But how was this possible? Lightness yes, but this is also a fundamental problem. Because now such scams appear on social media, which can mislead on payment. In fact, with fake social profiles of companies famous “blue tickOn X (formerly Twitter), which since passing into the hands of Elon Musk allows you to buy verified.

Verified, yes, that badge Which earlier only recognized bodies or VIPs could get, but now everyone can get it by paying a monthly subscription. And so it is easy for scammers to open a fake account, which takes advantage of the haste and naivety of unsuspecting victims to impersonate the real airline.

But how do you spot a scam? Pay attention to aesthetic features: You should always check the profile sign after @, the number of followers and the type of posts written. Then pay attention to one detail, namely that many carriers have a golden check (which indicates the organization’s official account) and a profile image that is square, not round. To avoid the problem, it is advisable to interact with chat available on multiple carriers’ websites and apps.

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