Which has wreaked havoc on the market with its recent rally. celestia ,tia) started posing risks due to its technical structure.

Perhaps one of the coins that had the most impressive growth season tia, the dangers are gradually increasing. The popular coin, which managed to rise from $2.28 to $7.41 in a very short period of time, saw a total increase of 228 percent. But, B T cIntermediate correction and lack of appetite among TIA investors and negative technical structure could lead to a sharp decline.

A return to $6 is possible!

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TIA, which is rising breathlessly from $2.28, is trading at $7.1641 at the time of writing. The upward movement of BTC or any sector-based positive news will continue to push the price of TIA upwards. In such a scenario, $10, which is a psychologically important range, can be targeted.

A breakdown of the rising wedge structure, BTC falling to $35,000, or the upcoming food news will greatly shake TIA. In such a case, the levels at which exits can be expected are $6.8346 – 6.4240 – 6.1047 – 5.7854 and $5.4022 respectively. Failure by buyers to hold $5.4022 could lead to a decline in the weekly opening price.

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