Shiba Inu’s Shibarium network has introduced a new “Donate” feature that makes it easier for users to provide financial support to non-profit validators who play a major role in ensuring the efficiency and security of the network.

The “Donate” feature on Shibarium will offer a mechanism that allows users to provide financial support to the network’s validators. These validators will now be able to receive direct contributions from users. The process will involve selecting a verifier from the list provided on the Shibarium platform and determining the amount to be donated.

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Shibarium’s top tier validators currently work on 12 validators. Based on stake amount, the top five validators are Shibarmi America with 5.2 million BON, Unification with 4.9 million BON, Shibarmi Europe with 2.9 million BON, Ryoshi Labs with 1.7 million BON, and Shibarmi Asia with 1.6 million BON respectively.

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