bitcoin’in (B T c) is one of those coins that burst after moving upward. Arweave ,a R) came in front.

B T cBuyers took the reins again, with a jump above $36,500. Most of the altcoins rose by more than 10 percent and made their mark on the top. Arweave, which registered a rise of 22.63 percent in the last 24 hours, said:In Very AscendantGot second position in the list. Can AR continue to grow? What is the latest situation on the technical side?

screenshot 2023 11 19 11.51.37

It started attacking the support level!

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AR, which moved straight up after reaching $6.78, reached $8.30 in no time and recorded a total increase of 22.63. AR, which was trading in the $8.25 band at the time of writing, may move towards $8,959 if it breaks $8,603. In this process, the fluctuations in the price of BTC will also be important.

A potential downside would come if BTC drops to $35,000 or AR breaks above $8.06. In such a scenario, the levels where a pullback can be expected are $7.88 – 7.65 – 7.51 – 7.20 and $6.78. In particular, the price change at $7.88 could be decisive for the short-medium term.

screenshot 2023 11 19 11.46.06

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