Recently, it exploded and managed to exceed $8. apartment ,apart) has entered the decision process.

Explosive performance in the first quarter of 2023 apartNowadays he is in the news regarding his dilemma. B T cThe popular coin, which could not fully adapt to the rising process, retreated significantly after the last price change. APT, which is falling from $8.47, has reached the important level of $7.30.

The importance of weekly and monthly opening prices is increasing!

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At the time of writing, APT is hovering just above its weekly and monthly opening price, trading at $7.30. If these levels fail to act as support or BTC retreats, the pair will suffer huge losses. In such a scenario, a drop to $6.825 and then to $6.6672 and $6.4457 could be seen.

The positive news of Aptos Ecosystem or BTC settling above $38,000 will mobilize buyers. In such a case, there may be a movement towards $7.8114 first, and then towards $8.3351 – 8.8381 and $9.4184 respectively. Strength above $9.4184 will be the driving force that will take APT to $10.

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