Cyril Czar’s first novel, History of the Universe – Part 1 It is a declaration of love for science fiction and scientists. A decidedly upbeat story.

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In the beginning, there are the desert plains of New Mexico, where only sparse buildings and bars are visible, where a few drunken regulars meet. These include Rancher Mack Brazel. On July 8, 1947, their uneventful daily life was interrupted by a massive and mysterious object that crashed in the middle of their land. Alarmed, the military took it upon themselves to destroy evidence of this UFO, made of an unknown alloy that was lightweight as well as resistant, and developed an official version: a top-notch weapon intended to spy on the USSR. Secret investigation into the balloon crash.

Years later, in the frozen silence of Antarctica, scientists find their mission interrupted by the discovery of an extraterrestrial ship bearing inscriptions of Sumerian origin. These two closely interconnected stories will take a team of six heroes to explore the boundaries of the universe, the limits of human knowledge, and man’s relationship with nature and the strange(R).

This volume, which opens the trilogy history of the universe, written by Cyril Czar. Old real estate agentreal estate agent The 39-year-old signs a first novel that suffers from some clumsiness, but which takes us from adventure to adventure on a journey rich in emotions and discoveries.

From Roswell to Neptune, via Antarctica

And the least we can say is that it doesn’t stop. from roswellAntarcticAntarcticpassing by NeptuneNeptune, from the French Defense Minister to the director of the CIA, without forgetting the scientific research centers: all the players are there, and with them power games, rivalries and alliances that hinder the research of enthusiasts. Some ideas allow the story to straddle the boundaries of scientific and historical truth and pure fantasy. Here, for example, the Sumerians – actually coming from another planet – contain the mystery of the origins of our civilizations, at the crossroads. 2001, A Space Odyssey By Arthur C. Clarke and Genius Premier Contact By Denis Villeneuve.

a captivating universe

In addition to the richness of the universe imagined by the author, it is also difficult not to be attracted by the six heroes and the many characters that surround them. If the well-defined personalities sometimes border on cliché, they do not allow the reader to get lost in the crowd of names that appear on parade: scientists, politicians and families dance a confusing ballet that confronts the unimaginable. Skillfully expresses all the enthusiasm of the society doing it.

But perhaps the novel’s greatest strength lies in its freshness. Freshness in the philosophical and moral questions that Cyril Kájar never fails to ask, directly through his characters, as they go through their adventures: the relationship with hierarchy, the dilemma between passion and familial duty, the acceptance of difference. , mourning, place of morality in the face of the threat of death… even freshness in love manifested PortePorte His undeniable admiration for science fiction writers and the research community. Thus when we encounter detailed descriptions of linguists’ long research, we find ourselves vibrating with the author, sitting in front of a cup of coffee, but launched into real intellectual adventures.

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In short: a successful bet for Cyril Czar, who inaugurates a series full of promise and manages to keep the reader engaged thanks to his enthusiasm contagiouscontagious,

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