Skiing will become expensive again this year. winter has already arrived Ski pass, ski training and accommodation prices have hit record highs: The average increase compared to last year is about 8%, with some places seeing a maximum increase of 22% compared to two years ago.

Overall, these increases are projected to have a 25% impact on the entire snow-related tourism industry supply chain, including accommodations, food services, ski schools, equipment rentals and materials.
Significant outlay for ski lovers, who can spend on average up to 1,750 euros for a skiing week.

The complaint comes from Assotenti, who analyzed the cost of ski services and the expenses expected by families. This weighs on the mountain region’s record prices, which were recorded last year Turnover approximately 9.6 million eurosIncrease in energy and maintenance costs of ski lifts.

Ski pass prices, +22% in two years

they continue to grow daily ski pass prices For the 2023/2024 season, following the increase already recorded last year and linked to higher energy costs:

  • +8.1% Dolomiti Superski: daily ticket price in high season It costs 80 euros for adults;
  • +7,8% A Thuile: Sales A 55 euros (compared to 46.5, or 51 in the winter 2022–2023 high season);
  • +6.5% in Courmayeur: costs increased from 56 to 59 euros I and 61 and 65 In very high season;
  • +7.7% in Bormio: daily ticket reaches for adults in high season 56 euros,
  • +7.6% in Livigno: daily ticket price for adults is expensive in high season 63,50 euros.

If you compare today’s rates With those applicable in 2021It turns out that the increase in ski passes for day tickets reaches +22.1% in Livigno (from 52 euros to 63.50 euros), +21.7% in Bormio (from 46 to 56 euros), +19.4% in . in the Dolomites (from 67 to 80 euros), +16% in Courmayeur (from 56 to 65 euros).

they are also growing The season passes, From +3.9% in the Dolomiti Superski area, season tickets priced at 925 euros for adults, to +6.5% in Val d’Aosta. Seasonal ski passes have increased here 1.370 euros (84 euros more than the 2022-2023 season).

All hikes in ski pass

These are the prices for day tickets at other ski resorts:

  • Carezza and Val di Fassa: the price is set at 70 euros in high season (63 euros in low season);
  • Oberregen region: price is 66 euros in high season and 60 euros in low season;
  • Madonna di Campiglio: daily ticket ranges from 72 to 79 euros;
  • San Martino di Castrozza-Passo Rolle, daily cost is 64 euros in high season and 58 euros in low season;
  • Breuil-Cervinia – Valtournèche region: with Zermatt in Switzerland, daily ticket costs 83 euros, for three days 303.50; Daily price, without Zermatt option 59 euros (Last year it was 51 euros);
  • Via Lattia, hence Sestriere, Sauz d’Oulx, Sansicario, Cesana, Claviere and Pragelato, have increased prices for daily ski passes: 50 euros in high season and 48 euros in low season;
  • Monterosa Skis have increased the price from 60 to 65 euros;
  • In Pila their price ranges from 50 to 53 euros;
  • In Friuli Venezia Giulia the increase was limited: from 39.5 euros to 44 in the high season.

low cost ski resorts

If you really want to save money, you need to move away from the Alps and towards the Apennines, where ski areas and resorts are generally less expensive.
In AbruzzoDaily ski passes cost around 41 euros for the most famous destinations such as Rocarasso and Ovindoli: Campo Rotondo 15 euros26 Euro Campo Imperatore, 27 Euro Pescocostanzo and 33 Euro Campo Felice.

In the Corno Allée scale on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, ski passes have remained unchanged compared to last year: 35 euros,

Ski lessons are on the rise

The cost of lessons with instructors has also been revised upward: ski schools have increased their rates, taking into account the next winter season, by a percentage of +7.8% (national average price).

Quoting rates taken last winter:

  • One hour of an individual course will cost on average 1 euro/hour more than last year, i.e. 53.50 euros/national average;
  • One hour of a group course will cost 26.00 euros/national average, an increase of 3 euros/hour compared to last winter’s rate/average.

Housing facilities: + 10%

There is also a 10% increase for accommodation facilities, with a seven-night stay in a luxury bungalow in Ortisei which, based on Assotenante’s findings, could cost up to Rs. More than 58 thousand euros.

how much does a ski week cost

Finally, those who want to spend a classic ski week should consider that, excluding transportation, taking into account the costs of ski passes, accommodation, restaurants and on-site services, they will cost on average between 1,500 and 1,750 euros each. Payment has to be made between.

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