Bitcoin‘In (B T c) When it jumped to $37k it lit a fuse synthetics ,SNX) increased by more than 20 percent in a short period of time.

legendary trend of an era defi, comes to mind again with the recent rise of SNX. One of the projects that maintains the freshness of the DeFi sector SNX, B T cIt gained momentum once the target was set at $37,000. The popular coin, which is up by 20.27 percent in just 24 hours, tops the “Top Rising” list.

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SNXCould a new DeFi craze begin as it completely overtakes and emerges beyond other altcoins?

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A move towards five dollars could give DeFi a boost!

SNX, which has been on a steady upward trend for six weeks, has become one of the most prominent names in DeFi projects. SNX, which is a new name compared to other projects, is trading at $3,564 at the time of writing. The increasing interest in DeFi and the positive trend of BTC will strengthen the hands of buyers.

In such a situation, the levels of $3,943 – 4,417 – 4,769 – 5,194 and $5,522 can be targeted respectively. As it approaches five dollars, it is highly likely that other DeFi projects will take action and perform well.

Situations such as BTC falling to $35,000 or SNX staying below $3,515 on the weekly time frame will hamper the pair’s momentum. In such a case, the expected levels of withdrawal would be $2,971 – 2,614 – $2.20 and $1,447 respectively.

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