Prestigious Training Offers eCampus Online University have activated a new one Graduate degreeHe in human nutrition science (LM-61), which provides a Solid multidisciplinary scientific preparation in the field of food and human nutrition and which is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach including characterization of biological, chemical, medical disciplines, foods and agri-food management, nutrition disciplines and related and integrated disciplines.

This brings the number of degree courses to 65 at the university, which also offers first and second level master’s degrees and linguistic, IT and skills certificates.

Enrollment in all degree courses I am with free access I Open all year round,

Why Enroll in the eCampus Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition Science

eCampus Represents the flagship of Italian online universities and enriches its educational offer for the academic year 2023-2024 Master Degree Course in Human Nutrition Science Whose multidisciplinary approach Allows students to receive a comprehensive education. Specifically, they will acquire specific skills On: safety, quality and suitability of food; Nutritional aspects related to functional foods and supplements; Biochemical and physiological processes associated with human nutrition and any changes in the presence of any pathologies and intolerances; anthropometric assessment and nutritional status of patients; Understanding and promoting well-being and inspirational motivation.

Degree in Human Nutrition Science: Objectives of eCampus

The graduate in Human Nutrition Sciences will be able to care for patients and follow them in building the right nutritional path to achieve their health goals, because they will have acquired:

  • Theoretical, technical-practical and methodological skills which allows the evaluation of nutritional interventions aimed at achieving and maintaining the well-being of the patient;
  • application skills for Biochemical-nutritional assessment of nutrientsbiological mechanisms underlying metabolism and Control mechanisms of metabolic pathways in physiological and special conditions,
  • technical skills to evaluate nutritional requirementsbody composition and Determine the health status of patients Identifying any cases of malnutrition and intervening in a targeted manner;
  • knowledge of Technological processes of food productionIncluding foods with high nutritional impact (supplements, functional foods, supplements intended for special nutrition, foods intended for special medical purposes). Novel foods), from Raw material quality control and safetyproduction and distribution, and related national and European regulation;
  • knowledge of Major eating disorders and their treatment in the medical and psychological fields.

Not only theory, but also lots of practice and excellent job opportunities

Like all eCampus degree courses, Human Nutrition Science also featuresPay attention to the student who is never left aloneBecause they are accompanied and supported throughout the entire university process, in order to obtain quality preparation and reach the goal of graduation: a Teacher’s presence in your city office Supports him and helps him prepare for exams; Interactive workshops and exercises in virtual classrooms and a Internship at Affiliated Facilities Those who work in this field and are present throughout Italy, allowing them to combine theory with a lot of practice.

will be able to graduate Play a role of responsibility, coordination and consultation In public institutions and research bodies that deal with nutrition and in the private sector, in food companies, analysis laboratories, pharmaceutical companies. they can do Work Too as freelancers After passing the state examination and being registered with the National Order of Biologists.

All information about Master Degree course in Human Nutrition Science is available on the official websiteeCampus University.

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