Popular cryptocurrency Mina has shown signs of a comeback with a surge of nearly 15 percent in the last two days.

The cryptocurrency market left behind a quiet weekend. Over the past two days, many altcoins have maintained price stability.

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Some altcoins also rose over the weekend. Notably, MINA gained 15 percent with strength gained from the support point on November 18. MINA, for which expectations were high, indicated a return to $1.

MINA Chart: What will rise?

Mina, which was introduced as the world’s lightest blockchain and attracted intense attention, did not achieve the expected launch. MINA could not hold above $1 and received reactions. The popular cryptocurrency could not exceed $1 in the last bull rally. But it doesn’t look like things are over for MINA just yet.

Price volatility declined in the crypto market over the weekend. The crypto market, where bullish expectations are increasing day by day, has left behind a quiet weekend. However, MINA managed to attract buyers from the support zone on November 18 and started rising. The price of MINA reached $0.66, up nearly 15 percent over the past two days.

MINA, which broke out and remained above the $0.6464 support, targets the $0.76 level created on November 9. If this zone is crossed, a trip to $1 could be bullish for MINA.

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Looking at the MINA chart shows that the price moved strongly from an important support point and the rise received a response from the resistance zone. MINA started rising from the support level at $0.6464 and was rejected from the resistance level at $0.6709. If stability is achieved in this area, MINA’s growth may continue. However, MINA started to retreat towards the $0.6464 support. A new support from this zone could enable the price to retest $0.6709. If the market remains positive, MINA may break $0.6709 and rise sharply to $0.7016. As MINA tests the $0.7016 resistance, bulls’ appetite will determine the price. If the $0.7016 resistance is broken, the price may rise to $0.7575 in a short time. In a potential rise of MINA to $1, $0.7575 stands as a key resistance point. Another resistance point will be the $0.80 and $0.90 areas. Breaking all these areas could trigger $1.

On the other hand, sellers dominating may push MINA towards the $0.6464 support level. If this support zone is broken during the day, the downside for MINA could be sharp. The next support point for MINA will be $0.6322. If the $0.6322 support is lost, trend support for MINA may emerge at $0.6052. If all support points are broken, the key support point at $0.5847 will be important for MINA. This support point can play an important role in keeping the price in an uptrend.

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