France recently test-fired its future M51.3 strategic nuclear ballistic missile. The Ministry of Armed Forces has confirmed that this test reinforces the dismal situation of the country.

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Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, the nuclear threat has been regularly highlighted by the Kremlin, whether this involves withdrawal from treaties, testing of new nuclear weapons, such as Satan 2, or even in speeches. Include barely veiled threats. Vladimir Putin, or one of his close protectors. For its part, the West does not react directly to these demonstrations intended to intimidate the population, but shows its strength in its own way.

Thus, announcements about nuclear weapons are increasing rapidly at this time. For example, the United States will develop a new atomic bomb gravitygravity 360 kilotons; And France has just secured a qualifying shot missilemissile strategic ballistics M51M51.3.

The firing, carried out on November 18, was conducted by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) from the DGA missile test Landes site in Biscarros. Devoid of the nuclear charge, the missile fell several hundred kilometers from either coast in the North Atlantic. This is the twelfth test of the M51. A way to show that France matters a lot CaseCase Nuclear deterrence in Europe.

Impressively, the firing of the M51.3 from Landes was witnessed by several people who were able to see a strange luminous halo in the sky. © DGA

up to ten nuclear weapons

The M51.3 is a major development of the M51 missile in use since 2010. It is the “ultimate” nuclear weapon in response to the fire and use of pre-strategic ASMPA cruise missiles dropped by Rafale. M51 is carried by nuclear submarines launcherslaunchers Craft (SNLE) such as Le Triomphant, Le Vigilant, Le Terrible and Le Téméraire. Currently, each has a capacity of 16 M51.1 or M51.2 missiles. With an estimated range of 9,000 kilometers vitsevitse Of Mach 15, each of these missiles is capable of carrying multiple nuclear warheads aimed at attacking different targets.

The M51s will carry six nuclear warheads with yields ranging from 100 to 300 kilotons. For this version 3, and given the current tensions, it may well be that this number of warheads per missile increases to ten. Requiring military secrecy, it is difficult to know whether this is actually the case, but it would mean strengthening France’s desperate position, as well as, increasing the nuclear arsenal. In fact, For the first time since the early 1990s and a message that does not bode well for the future.

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