The question of pension cuts is foreshadowed by the present text maneuver ,Here you will get all the news) created quite a stir. led by government georgia melloni appears determined not to cancelArticle 33 The measure provides for a reduction in social security for certain categories of public employees. One of these also belongs to a doctor.

There are various proposals to find solutions within the centre-right majority: from will take There is talk of a delay of one or two years Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia They are pushing to exclude only doctors from this measure. However, the “seal” is in the hands of the Economy Minister, giancarlo giorgettiWho is thinking about maxi modification.

Here you’ll find all the bracket-wise increases for December,

Maneuver, government pension scheme

To break the deadlock on the topic (We also talked about it here), the Ministry of Economy and Finance is preparing a less radical move than expected, at least on paper. Maxi modification in the worksannounced several days ago, should provide A “half step back”:Ok to fix rating error, but Only for old age pension and only for 2024, So Georgetti is inclined to maintain the same rules for next year, but only for those public employees who will retire at old age. 67 years old,

A solution that cuts across all categories, avoiding doctors as well a punishment Also for the entire audience of public employees mentioned in the budget law: Teachers, officers and bailiffs and employees of local authorities, For those who have met the early exit requirements, recalculation will be based on the new performance coefficient. the criteria is the same quota 103Strongly supported by the league, which offers strong penalties for those who want to retire with it Age 62 years and contribution 41 years, Translated: The cut in rates of return will apply only to early pensions. Translated in other words: Anyone who wants to leave work early pays.

Pension puzzle, what will happen now?

According toParliamentary Budget Officemaneuver setting Prevents any “rush” toward early retirement, with a view to avoid “clogging” of public administration offices. Analysts underlined, the provision is written in such a way that it can include All pensions from January 2024, Therefore, even “for those who applied immediately, their pensions would not be likely to become effective until the end of 2023”. Advancement will be possible in retirement female option Or with variants coming before the word “quota”: Odds 100, 102 and 103, without any prejudice Prohibition of accumulation with jobWhether employed or self-employed.

However, looming on the horizon Possibility of filing an appeal For retroactivity and ongoing changes to the rules for workers near retirement. For the Parliamentary Budget Office, in fact, “the prospect that Parliament will be called upon to express its opinion on legislation appears to be more solid.” constitutional Court, If you wish to proceed with an appeal, the independent authority Recommends doing this while you’re still an employeeGiven that the consultation could take months to reach a decision.

During this Unions attack state’s decision on doctors’ pensionSaying the cuts will save the state money 21 billion euros And he can turn professional from 2025 There could be a gross loss of 2,700 euros per year, a shaky ax according to CGIL and SPIWhich calculates very steep cuts on pensions over the two-year period 2023-2024: up to 962 euros for a gross pension of 2,300 euros (1,786 euros net) and up to 3,840 euros (2,735 euros net) for a gross pension of 4,849 euros . Euro.

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