The value of open positions on Deribit, which controls a large share of the crypto options market, reached record levels.

In September this figure came down to $6 billion. Last week it exceeded 15 billion dollars. This level was recorded as a new peak. The previous record level of $14 billion 360 million was recorded on October 20, 2021. At that time the price of Bitcoin was more than 64 thousand dollars.

What does the new record mean?

Deribit manager Luke Striggers said: “This increase shows that options are increasingly being prioritized over risk avoidance and maximization of returns. The value of open positions exceeded that of BTC futures for the first time.” The change shows that the market is maturing and becoming more sophisticated,” he commented.

Ultimately, Strijders said Deribit has 85 percent market share in Bitcoin options.

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