Falling below an important price area over a long period of time Wave ,xrp) Alarm bells started ringing.

recent fake etf The market was shaken by the news xrpBoth fundamental and technical analysis have been manipulated to a great extent. With the excitement generated by the news, the leading coin, which directly rose to $0.75, recovered to $0.60 in no time. Since then, XRP has not been able to rise and fell below an important support zone despite positive pricing against BTC.

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What is the status of the charts of popular coins, which are not performing well in terms of both news flow and technical aspects? What levels should be monitored?

A correction towards $0.50 would not be surprising!

usually till now seconds Depending on the events, if XRP moves against the regulator or if BTC climbs to $38,000, it will aim for higher levels. In such a scenario, $0.6209 – 0.6306 – 0.6421 – 0.6679 – 0.6962 – 0.7324 and $0.7504 can be targeted respectively.

However, neglect of key support, signs of a comeback by BTC and any upcoming food news will really shake up the price. In such a case, $0.5797 – 0.5650 – 0.5468 and $0.5277 can be discounted respectively. Furthermore, if the monthly opening price is ignored, the pace of the decline will increase even more.

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