Italians are a people of saints, poets and players. close to the holidays (with price shocks), we know, is the proven habit of millions of Italians try your luck This is becoming more frequent with the National Lottery and various versions of lotto games. Because with all the limitations of the case, victories happen more often.

On November 16, it was a citizen’s turn Rovigo see a bear fruit only 3 euro game in victory of over 85 million, Hitting the “six” of fate has now become a shared dream, promising radical changes in life. However, to achieve this, you will have to try your luck and play with the numbers, as it is said in the jargon. But how much do Italians spend to play SuperEnalotto? And where do you win the most?

What is SuperEnalotto and how does it work

Winning in SuperEnalotto really changes the existence of the lucky person who hits a six, Despite the state retaining up to 20% of the amount to get caught. This game has existed in Italy for 25 years, when it replaced the previous game Annalotto As the “rib” of the person who lives longer lotto on the idea of rodolfo molo, former president of Sisal, and his son Geo. managed by Sport Italia Limited Liability CompanySuperEnalotto is technically a “totalizer numerical game”, thus differing profoundly from its parent Lotto starting with the potential winnings: the former Variable Prize PoolWhereas victory in the second game is certain.

As it is known, the objective is to guess the winning combination of six numbers. To play, you just need to choose six matching numbers and 1 in 90, basically paying one euro. SuperEnalotto draws take place three times a week, Till 8 pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Additionally, to increase your winnings, you can also choose a number amusing where is he supper starsimultaneously activating the function winbox To unlock further rewards. There are six possible winning categories that guarantee jackpots of increasing value: 2 guessed numbers, 3, 4, 5, 5+1 and 6.

Here we talked about the maneuver, of which Bankitalia warned: “Negative implications for the entire economy”.,

Italians and SuperEnalotto: Let’s do the math

Four SuperEnalotto jackpots have been awarded since the beginning of the year, with one in Rovigo. The last one was recorded in June teramoWhere 6 out of 42.5 million Euros were won by playing on a Euro ticket. 1997 to date to amount 114 jackpots awarded, As reported by the agency, only first-class wins are being considered
Specific agipronewsAwards were given for more than 5 billion euros,

On average, one in five Italians plays SuperEnalotto every week. According to Aegyptonews again, 20% of adults in our country in 2021 (about 10 million people) spend an average of 3.3 euros every week to participate in the game. Growth in gaming continues and continues through 2022 first half of 2023when he has exceeded one billion euros, Instead the state responded Total winnings of 410 million euros, However, the record to be achieved and surpassed is still far from over: in 2009 Bets exceeded 3.3 billion euros, with the 148 million euro jackpot concentrated in Bagnone (Massa-Carrara).

Synthetic meat, a $25 billion global business from which Italy is withdrawing,

where you win the most

So the last jackpot was hit VenetoThe region in which a first-class win was missing since 2017, when a carol (Venice) earned more than 77 million euros for its players on the 6th.

The luckiest areas in history, Campania is stable in first place with 18 sextuplets, followed by Lazio with 16 andEmilia Romagna With 13. on the wheel we find puglia And Veneto itself with 10 first class jackpots. However, there are three regions that have never reached 6 since the SuperEnalotto came into existence: Valle d’Aosta, Trentino and Molise,

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