Failed to deliver expected performance despite positive market movements pepe,Of ,PEPE) The ropes started tightening.

who wreaked havoc on an era PEPECurrently on the agenda with its state of indecision. B T cMemecoin, which has not yet displayed the desired momentum despite moving upwards, continues to search for direction. Will PEPE, which has been under heavy selling pressure despite trying to be aggressive at times, be able to regain momentum? How are things going on the technical analysis side?

Buyers have not yet achieved stable performance!

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Volatility, perhaps the most dangerous aspect of memecoins, continues to have its influence on PEPE. Volatility, which disrupted the parity balance with harsh up and down candles, could not completely push PEPE higher. PEPE, which received direct selling pressure after testing the resistance level, is currently trading at $0.00000119.

A resumption of the Memecoin craze or a move by BTC towards $40,000 will push PEPE higher. In such a scenario, $0.00000120 – 0.00000128 – 0.00000133 – 0.00000148 – 0.00000164 and $0.00000190 can be targeted respectively. However, if buyers remain inadequate, a decline to $0.00000105 – 0.00000103 – 0.00000096 – 0.000000961 and $0.00000086 could be seen respectively.

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