The war in Ukraine has slowed down, but has not stopped. Ukrainian counter-offensive appears to have lost momentum And everything shows that Kiev is unable to achieve the military objectives it set itself last spring. a little bit forIncrease in Russian presence on the ground (At 5 thousand euros per month, as we mentioned here), a little bit for fatigue of soldiers Local people However, factors that did not stop the army push back the occupiers Russians in an area of ​​3 to 8 kilometers along the eastern coast of the strategic area Dnipro Rivera stone’s throw away Crimea,

On the other side is Russia which has turned the Ukrainian south-east into a vast tunnel field and in a maze trenches, And now it has deployed a new aircraft that promises to change the way it wages war.

Mainstay, new Russian aircraft arrives in Ukraine

According to British intelligence data, Russia has started using designated surveillance aircraft for the first time “A-50 Main Base D” From NATO. In Moscow they call him instead “Beriev A-50” or “flying animal”, designed by the Soviet Union (Based on the prototype of Roberto Bartini, a naturalized Soviet Italian) during the Cold War period. It is a hybrid, military and multi-role aircraft, which is in the prototype stage.

Their role in the conflict in this regard may prove decisive Identification of targets in Ukrainewill be informed again SA-21 long-range air defense missile system, In comparison to the latter, the radar available on the mainstay is capable of identifying enemy aircraft even at long ranges. curvature of the earth, Defined as a vertical take-off amphibious aircraft, it was designed to fly at high speed and at high altitude, just above sea level. The prototype was apparently completed and modernized for coordination with combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force (We estimated here that we were close to air combat,

How does the war between Russia and Ukraine change?

Therefore, the entry of the Beriev A-50 into the region does not change Russian firepower, but rather its ability to predict and defend. For being aircraft in-flight control and early warning, Mainstay can detect imminent threats such as aircraft and missiles. his ability Coordination of air strikes and mobile controlMoreover, it can be used hundreds of kilometers away from the battlefield.

Although allied reports provide Ukrainian forces with all this information, Russian mainstays represent far more difficult targets to hit, thanks above all to their ability to overshoot. fly high and for them high mobility, However, the Kremlin’s move reveals one thing Strategic concern is of no small importance: The speed with which the integration of the Mainstay and SA-21 systems was arranged highlights Moscow’s fears about the Ukrainian deployment of Western-supplied fighters (Here we explain why Ukraine wants to end the war by March,

The outlook for war can change rapidly. According to British 007, there is a serious possibility that Russia is willing to put itself at greater risk by moving the mainstay closer to the front lines. Meanwhile, Ukraine will soon receive new supplies and new weapons germania I polandwith usa Announcement of another $100 million military aid package.

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