AK Party Vice Chairman of Information and Communications Technology, Mer Ileri, made the statement regarding cryptocurrencies.

“We are in touch with the region, relevant institutions are working on this”

Ellery spoke specifically to regulation studies in evaluating AA. Noting that the EU’s crypto law, MiCA, will come into force in 2024 and that there is no federal inclusionary practice in the United States, Ileri said, “Turkey is one of the fast-moving countries in this sense. We started a study last year. I was also involved in this process. There is serious societal interest in crypto assets. Here, we are working to ensure the security of our citizens, to ensure the security of our citizens, but also to pave the way for the blockchain mindset, not to block it. We are also communicating with the sector in this regard. The concerned institutions are doing their work. “This issue will come back on the agenda in the future.” Said.

“Technology far beyond crypto assets”

Expressing that they came together with leaders from the sector at events that brought together important organizations in the blockchain world, Ileri said, “They are really happy. This is an area of ​​technology that is mostly known in our society through crypto assets, but in reality, it goes far beyond crypto assets. “This is a technological perspective that can change the world from logistics to health care management.” He said.

“Work on draft”

Given that they are talking about a structure called “decentralized”, which can function entirely on the basis of social trust, without any authority, and where many processes are accelerated and automated through smart contracts “They are happy to see how important this is for Turkey,” Ileri said. “They tell us that Turkey can play an important role in this sense and that it has serious advantages.” In his assessment.

Explaining that he conveyed his opinions in the necessary places, Ileri said that they were considered during the legislative process. Finally, Ileri shared information that a draft is being worked on.

“We will present it in parliament in a short time,” Minister Simsek said.

In recent times, valuations regarding the cryptocurrency sector have become higher from the government and the ruling party. In recent weeks, Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek said that the only condition for Turkey to leave the gray list is crypto regulation. “Hopefully, we will submit the regulation to our parliament as soon as possible,” Simsek said. He said. Central Bank President Hafez Gay Erkan shared that they were working with the Capital Markets Board (CMB) on crypto regulation.

It was written yesterday that the crypto bill is expected to come to Parliament before the end of this year.

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