One of the main cryptocurrencies in the NFT sector appcoin ,Monkey) gave hope to the sector and its investors from the latest price movements.

B T cIt is one of the coins that has made an upward move with a jump above $37,000. Monkey to attract attention. usually NFTAPE, which saw a rise during the period when it became popular, showed a different price movement this time. The popular coin tracking the $1.50 band gained 5.59 percent in the last 24 hours.In Very AscendantGot second position in the list.

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Could the NFT sector be ignited as APE continues its upward trend? What levels should be considered in APE?

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This could grow with NFTs as well!

APE, which maintained its price structure above $1.17, saw selling pressure at $1,573 and relaxed to the $1.27 band. However, market gains on food news and open sea The increase in transaction volume on various NFT platforms, especially NFTs, was the driving force for APE, pushing the price back to the $1.57 band.

APE, the popular NFT coin, which found buyers at $1,494 at the time of writing, may look to test $1,635 – 1,728 – 1,836 – 2,003 and $2,130 respectively until it sits above $1,573. If the price remains below $1,492 or there is no interest on NFT, it could yield discounts of up to $1,412 – 1,347 – $1.27 and $1.17 respectively. Especially in the short-medium term price structure, green space will be the decisive factor.

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