Recently listed on Binance When? ,caspa) After testing his ATH he backed off strongly.

few days back BinanceCreated a lot of excitement by getting listed in WhatIt made a new ATH by pinning it at $0.154. But, B T cIncreasing volatility day by day with news flow destroyed KAS. The popular coin, which has fallen nearly 10 percent in the last 24 hoursIn Very lostIs second in the list.

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Can KAS, which is keenly followed by Turkish crypto investors, regain momentum? What’s the latest in technical analysis?

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Its value dropped by almost 20 percent in just two days!

KAS, which started to see intense selling pressure after testing its ATH, recorded a total loss of 19 percent, falling from $0.154 to $0.125. With the rise in BTC, KAS has regained its upward trend and is currently trading at $0.131. If the uptrend continues, a rise towards $0.133 – 0.1398 – 0.1432 – 0.1475 and $0.1549 may occur respectively.

A daily close below $0.128 or a fall of BTC below $35,000 would naturally push KAS lower. In such a scenario, the support points to follow are $0.124 – 0.1189 – 0.1098 and $0.1033 respectively. In particular, the often criticized $0.1241 band will play an important role in the short-medium term price structure of KAS.

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