Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao admitted the allegations and resigned, WSJ reports.

While developments regarding the Binance investigation have been happening since yesterday, even today hot news is coming one after another and the results of the investigation are awaited.

Last night, it was reported that Binance was requested to pay a fine of over $4 billion to end ongoing investigations and lawsuits in the United States. As it is known, an investigation was launched against Binance for money laundering, bank fraud and sanctions violations. Zhao also potentially faced some criminal charges.

Only 24 hours have passed and this time serious allegations have started being made that CZ has accepted the allegations and resigned. Additionally, it is also reported that the US Department of Justice will announce the details of the settlement reached with Binance at 23:00 Turkish time today.

Although it is known that the ministry has reached an agreement with Binance, it is not yet known what all the terms are.

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