The euphoria of November 27 gripped most of Turkey’s stock market investors. According to the statement made by Borsa Istanbul, stocks traded on the Pre-Market Trading Platform (PÖIP) will be included in the BIST All Index. Well what does this mean?

To understand the possible scenarios that may occur on November 27, it is important to first look at what a pre-market trading platform means.

What is Pre-Market Trading Platform (PÖIP)?

Pre-Market Trading Platform (PÖIP) is a platform where buying and selling transactions can be done at certain hours. Shares listed in the PÖIP belong to public companies, like other shares on the stock exchange. However, these shares are not available for continuous trading. When investors want to acquire these shares, they place orders during the day and wait for a few hours for the orders to be processed. The scheduled order times for PÖIP are as follows:

  • 09.55
  • 12.55
  • 13.55
  • 17.55

Investors submit their order requests within the time period specified above and wait for the next trading hour. Then, when it’s time to order, their requests are either realized or rejected.

What will happen in the stock market on 27th November?

According to many experts, the PÖİP decision taken by Borsa Istanbul will greatly affect small investors. Till now, the BIST All Index included only Star Market, Main Market and Sub-Market stocks. As a result of the change, stocks traded in PÖİP will also start trading in the BIST All Index.

With this change, the obligation to enter orders and wait at certain hours for shares traded on PÖIP will be eliminated. This situation is expected to make these companies, which are currently trading with low lot numbers, highly volatile either positively or negatively.

The news came and the shares went up!

After the decision taken by Borsa Istanbul was shared with the public, shares traded in PÖİP reached their peak. Many investors have rushed to collect these shares, which can be bought and sold more freely, even before they enter the BIST All Index. This led to the emergence of companies in PöIP.

There are 19 companies on the pre-market trading platform. These companies include well-known, branded organizations such as Tuborg and QNB Finansbank, and also organizations that the public is not aware of.

Here are the 19 stocks traded on PÖİP

  • QNBFB (QNB FinanceBank)
  • QNBFL (QNB Finance Leasing)
  • Yes (Yes Steel Wire Mesh)
  • tborg
  • Yoonga (Yonga Furniture)
  • UZERB (Uzertas Boya)
  • KLNMA (Development Bank)
  • Sumas (Sumas Artificial Wood)
  • skin (balatacilar)
  • BASCM (Baskent Cement)
  • Cement
  • ISBIR (ISBIR Holding)
  • Kent (Kent Food)
  • ORMA (Orma Forest Products)
  • SODSN (Soda Sanayi)
  • SNPAM (Sonmez Cotton)
It was published: 21 November 2023 07:15
Last updated: 21 November 2023 02:58
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