during black Friday People are willing to spend more easily fraudsters They take advantage of this: The latest reported scam is revealed WhatsApp:it’s about Trenitalia free ticket scam For Black Friday. Imagine receiving a text message from an acquaintance inviting you click on a link Which provides free train tickets.

Trenitalia free ticket scam

The message is accompanied by an image: The graphics are of a Trenitalia gift card but there is something strange in the slogan, it is ungrammatical: “Choose a gift that opens doors; With Cartregallo you (sic) travel all over Italy. Lightness of imitation? no way.

Another description was added to the message: “Only 1,000 lucky people will be winners”. At a simple glance you see that the attached link contains references to Trenitalia and all the keywords are present in the text part of the link (“gift voucher”, “free”, “Black Friday”), but a more in-depth look reveals the deception. is: the last part of the domain is “wpme.cc”A site that various sources recommend you stay away from as it has been labeled a scam.

Clicking on that link means putting yourself into the hands of fraudsters: anyone who opens it is redirected to a form asking the unfortunate to enter their details. personal data,

Of course, the suggestion is not to click on anything. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to equip your smartphone with a good antivirus in case you open a link of dubious origin due to distraction. The market offers excellent and free ones (any premium functions for specific needs will only be introduced later).

What do scammers focus on?

Returning to alleged free Trenitalia tickets, scammers rely on at least three elements that work in their favor: Influence a rumor According to which there is a tendency to consider suggestions received from familiar people as reliable; camouflage of fraudulent links under the trusted banner of a brand known throughout Italy and, finally, distraction of the most.

The postal police have already received reports in this regard, but the scammers are skilled at reorganizing themselves: it can be estimated that even in the event of a cover-up by the police, fraud involving free Trenitalia tickets on Black Friday Recurrence may continue. With new links leading to different domains.

More scams during Black Friday

The bad guys’ imagination is matched only by their versatility: a series of new scams have emerged in recent days.

For example, there is the airline ticket scam in which fraudsters open fake social profiles in the names of various airlines and then pretend to offer assistance. Anyone who contacts them due to difficulties in check-in or various types of problems is asked to provide their personal details and booking number. In this way, scammers are able to change the ticket holder and destination. Rather a reckless scam, as the name of the beneficiary is clear.

On Black Friday and as Christmas approaches, scammers are not idle. Here are some tips to protect your property from scams during Amazon Black Friday.

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