During this period there has been a lot of discussion regarding football betting. Countless names of football players came out alessandro florenzi Which represents the final piece of the puzzle for now. The very name of the AC Milan player has brought the matter back into the spotlight, which seemed to have diminished some of its initial media power. Entered into the register of suspects, clarified his position. However, there are rumors that other players are being brought into the game, which highlights a deep-rooted and well-known problem with the environment on many levels.

IL Georgia Meloni’s government seems intent on taking action Being clear in this regard, guarantees a clear line to follow in these types of situations. No action relating solely to the specific matter, even if arising from it.

Illegal betting: Meloni intervenes

To report news regarding prompt action of the Executive regarding the incident of illegal betting italiaoggi, The aim is clearly to put a clear end to this prosperous business, which is often in the hands of organized crime. As? a mixture of Artificial intelligence and blocking financial transactions,

By succeeding in this operation, possibly in a more effective manner than the “Pezotto” battle, a system could be halted. Illegal profit of 18.5 billion euros, A flow of money that does not touch the state coffers at all, because the reference points are not authorized.

beyond the political front Customs and Monopolies Agency is in action, In this phase, access to approximately 10 thousand gaming sites from Italian soil is restricted. However, these are operations that only give the illusion of success. It is really very momentary. Beyond the fact that it is necessary to verify the ability to recognize VPN systems, which can hide the IP of those connecting and show it abroad, new domains appear every day.

new legislative decree

Given the notoriety of this case, which has spread throughout Italy and beyond (the Tonali case has apparently sparked discussion in the Premier League), a new legislative decree on illegal online betting may soon reach the Council of Ministers.

It is referred to for the first time in the text IT solutions that can also use artificial intelligence, A step forward in identifying illegal sites and making the entire blocking process more effective.

The idea would be to create a system that would search for unauthorized domains on the web and automatically obfuscate them. However, not just technology. We will also intervene from the economic point of view. With appropriate means, a regulation will be issued in agreement with the Bank of Italy Making transferring money to offshore accounts, and vice versa, significantly more complicated, Banking institutions will therefore move to block the revenues from potential winnings. All of this finds a place in the systems already being implemented in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Hungary, which are particularly committed to stopping illegal online betting. In Italy, rules preventing money flows to unauthorized operators do indeed exist, but the application has often proven flawed.

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