HW Electro, the only Japanese brand to offer 100% electric vehicles, unveiled the Puzzle, a cubic van concept for parcel delivery that can serve as a charging station and Wi-Fi hotspot in case of emergency.

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Surprisingly, despite the marketing success of some brands hybrid carshybrid carsJapanese manufacturers are lagging behind in 100% electric vehicles. However, there is a little-known brand dedicated to this segment called HW Electro. It recently unveiled a mini-van concept with a very angular profile.

This mini van named Puzzle was designed specifically to meet the needs of rescue operations and in such a situation EarthquakeEarthquake, The vehicle can then also serve as a power supply terminal for devices and a Wi-Fi access point. That’s why it’s equipped with an external power outlet and USB port. A crowbar is also available, as well as a first aid kit. With its architecture featuring straight lines, the van is also adapted for parcel delivery. Apart from the sloping front, the rest of the vehicle takes the shape of a cube without any curvature.

Puzzle presentation video. We explore its capabilities as a mobile public power supply terminal in case of emergency. © HW Electro

A rolling cube ideal for delivery

At the front, both the occupants benefit from a touchscreen digital dashboard and there are multiple vents available on the dashboard. These are used to connect accessories, such as PortePorte-document. The back of the passenger seat can be folded completely forward to enlarge the loading area. The rear compartment can be accessed through the side or rear doors.

The length of the puzzle is 3.395 meters, width is 1.475 meters and height is 1.92 meters. Maximum load capacity is 350 kg. on him ToitToit, The vehicle is equipped with three photovoltaic panels to extend battery life. The manufacturer has not provided any information about the engine, nor about the autonomy of the vehicle. The puzzle would not last as a concept for long. HW Electro plans to launch it in the market from 2025 and is specifically targeting the US market.

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