Work, as is known, is one of the main concerns for the present and future of European citizens and beyond. Especially for the younger generation, for whom the possibilities of access to traditional businesses and above all to fair contracts are becoming more and more limited. Furthermore, the advent and development of artificial intelligence is raising huge questions on those professions, which will inevitably change the paradigm of work across the world. Yet there are professions that are protected from this risk, and above all those that have disappeared in recent years, creating an employment gap that the respective companies are trying to fill.

research of Works (English pronunciation of Easy Work), a startup created with the aim of digitalizing and optimizing personnel search and selection processes, improving access to the professional world thanks to technology and artificial intelligence. research that compiled a Curious ranking of the strangest, yet interesting jobs in terms of remuneration, to search for temporary employees. Let’s see which ones there are, from food taster to spider shooter.

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