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(on video) Explosive activity of the Shivluch volcano in Siberia Spectacular volcanic eruption in Kamchatka, cloud of ash rises…

Activity VolcanoVolcano Why VolcanoVolcano Very active on New Britain Island It is quite difficult to follow. That being said, some volcanic manifestations in recent weeks have indicated the return of magma to the surface: a. PassionPassion peak, thunder, broadcastbroadcast ash, etc.

This activity suddenly intensified on the afternoon of 20 November with powerful fountains MakeMake Due to which a cloud of ash spread which reached a height of 18 kilometers! This ash was scattered on the east side of the volcano let outlet out, causing some ash to fall in the surrounding villages. of fiery cloudfiery cloud Lava flows were also seen on some slopes of the volcano and may have formed on the northeast slope…

Huge cloud of ash seen from the plane!

Some photos of the eruption show a particularly large plume of ash and fiery clouds!

Powerful lava fountain at the base of the ash heap!

intense explosive activity

This extremely intense explosive activity forced the local Hoskins Airport, about a hundred kilometers from the volcano, to cancel all its flights.

Ash deposits from the eruptive eruption of Ulavun Volcano.

Additionally, it appears that some villages have been evacuated, reminiscent of the 2019 volcanic eruption, for which 5,000 people were evacuated.

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