What is MOVR Coin, the native cryptocurrency of Moonriver, one of the hottest emerging projects recently? Let’s find the answer to this question together!

What is MOVR coin?

MOVR coin is the native token of Moonriver, an extension of the Kusama Network. This token is used to support the core functions of the Moonriver Network.

These functions include gas payments required for the operation of smart contracts, incentives to node operators who ensure the security of the network, and utility in the governance processes of the network.

What is Moonriver?

Moonriver is a smart contract platform running on the Kusama network and compatible with Ethereum. It provides an environment that is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, enabling Ethereum developers to easily redeploy their existing DApps and smart contracts.

Moonriver allows Ethereum-based projects to run at lower costs and with the added benefits of the Kusama network.

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What is the Moonriver Project and what is its purpose?

Moonriver aims to provide Ethereum developers and projects a low-cost, high-performance alternative to the Kusama network.

This platform allows developers to run Ethereum dApps on the Kusama network without restructuring and re-coding, giving them a multi-chain design and expanded access.

Moonriver is an innovative parachain that enables quick and easy redeployment of Ethereum dApps and smart contracts on the Kusama network.

This feature provides developers with the opportunity to extend existing Ethereum projects and implement them on a different network. Additionally, Moonriver mirrors Ethereum’s Web3 RPC, accounts, and keys, enabling faster integration and interaction of Ethereum projects.

Who is the founder and owner of MOVR Coin?

Moonriver is developed by Moonbeam Foundation and PureStack is the main organization behind this foundation. Moonriver’s founder and project leader is Derek Yu, who is also the founder of PureStack.

What is the highest price of MOVR coin?

MOVR coin reached an all-time high of $495.71 on November 8, 2021.

What is the minimum price of MOVR coin?

What is the total supply of MOVR coin?

The circulating supply of MOVR coin is 8,577,350 MOVR, with a total supply of 11,059,643 MOVR. Its maximum supply is unlimited.

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